E-Mail Mobs Materialize All Over

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An interesting article on Wired.com by Leander Kahney talks about the rise of Flash Mob activity.


Belvidere Tea Party Rally

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The end of a rally protesting tax laws outside the court house in Belvidere, NJ


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This is the start of a site for PTC698. It will chart historic flash mobs and promote upcoming events. Please see our About page for more information or leave a post with any questions or comments.

If you have any flash mobs you would like added to the calendar please let me know. Also feel free to add comments/media about past flash mobs you may have participated in.

When Flash Mobs Attack, It’s Plain Anti-Social

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In a speech on March 24, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter reassures residents of their safety and outlines the city’s response to recent unrest caused by roving mobs of youths. (Susan Philips, NPR)

Listen to the story or read more.

Prayer Flash Mob

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THE SAME DAY the city announced it would begin airing public-service announcements to combat recent flash-mob riots, teenagers out of school on spring break yesterday took part in a “flash mob” at City Hall.

But this time, it was a “prayer flash mob,” and the students were accompanied by their parents, ministers and other adults.

Read more at Philly.com

30th Street Freeze

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Hundreds of young people gathered at 30th Street station in Philadelphia last night for what organizers called the “30th Street Freeze.” At the stroke of 6:30, participants froze in place. They remained static in the busy station for a full three minutes, as confused bystanders watched.

Read more at WHYY

Pillow fight flash mobs hope for peace

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Read http://www.pillowfightday.com/ for more info on this annual event!

On the Stealthy Elephhant blog site, listed as the host of the Philadelphia event on the International Pillow Fight Day Web site, a post dated March 30 asks participants to wear blue clothing “so we look like a unified group.”
-From Eileen Faust

More News from Philly

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From an interview with ALLISON KEYES from Tell Me More at NPR

It starts with a text message or a tweet telling hundreds of young men and women to show up at a certain place. This phenomenon is known as a flash mob; and for years it’s involved a fun activity such as massive snowball or pillow fights. But in Philadelphia, flash mobs involving hundreds of young men and women, mostly African-American, led to vandalism and violent behavior. Guest host Allison Keyes speaks with Shai Ben Yaacov, a reporter with WHYY in Philadelphia.

Firenze Flash Mob

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Fire Sather Rally

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK 3/07/10 Rangers fans group together across from Madison Square Garden on 7th avenue, and hold a demonstration asking for Rangers GM Glen Sather to be fired as the Buffalo Sabres played the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden on March 3, 2010. (Paul J. Bereswill)

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